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Classified Ads must be in Compliance with All Rules & Regulations of their State!

Advertising Campaigns


Medical Marijuana Classified Ads, Web Site

and Social Media Advertising Campaigns


Custom advertising packages can be designed to ensure you receive the greatest exposure

for your Business/Product/Service, while staying within the confines of your budget.

Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content$150
The Sponsored Content campaign will include 1 (one) written article, to be posted in an appropriately chosen category, agreed upon by both parties. All content will be posted for a minimum time period of 1 (one) year, is required to have a minimum of 500 characters, must contain at least 1 (one) image, and will contain no more than 2 (two) links maximum per article. Content will be supplied by the advertiser (purchaser), and will be reviewed and edited as necessary by the publisher (website).

Text Link Campaigns

Campaign A – Permanent Text Link – $250 One Time FeePurchaser will receive one Permanent Text Link (anchor text up to 25 characters) near the bottom, or in the right column in the “Friends of Weed Trader” Section on every page of the site.

Campaign B – Descriptive Text Link$100/Quarterly – Purchaser will receive one Text Link (anchor text up to 25 characters) with a description (description up to 75 characters) in the right column of all pages of the Weed Trader site.

Banner Link Campaigns

Campaign C – 468×60 Graphical Banner – $100/Quarterly – Purchaser will receive one 468x60px image banner placed in rotation in all 468×60 banner locations throughout the Weed Trader site.

Campaign D – 728×90 Graphical Banner – $100/Quarterly – Purchaser will receive one 728x90px image banner placed into rotation in the footer of every page of the Weed Trader site.

Campaign E – 300×250 Graphical Banner – $100/Quarterly – Purchaser will receive one 300x250px image banner placed in rotation in all 300×250 banner locations throughout the Weed Trader site.

Campaign F – 100×100 Graphical Banner – $100/Semi-Annually – Purchaser will receive one 100x100px image banner placed in rotation in the right column of all pages throughout the Weed Trader site.

Combo Campaigns

*Starter Special* ($50 savings)

Campaign BC (Campaign B & C)468×60 Banner & Descriptive Text Ad – $100/Quarterly – Campaign includes one 468×60 banner and one descriptive text ad pointed at one (1) URL placed into rotation in various ad locations throughout WeedWatch.com.

*Full Hit* ($100  savings)

Campaign BCDE (Campaign B,C,D,& E)$300/Quarterly One instance of All the Individual Advertising Campaigns we offer (Campaigns B,C,D,& E ).

Social Media Campaigns

Twitter Advertising

•  Twitter Ad #1 – $300/Semi-Annually – Your ad (up to 140 characters) will be tweeted one (1) time a week for Six (6) months (24 times). It will be tweeted randomly by us during the evening (4-9pm est), or you can request an approximate time that you would like it posted.

•  Twitter Ad #2$500/Semi-Annually – Same campaign as Twitter Ad #1 but will also include your Twitter Ad being retweeted each week by 3-4 of the sites in our network, increase the overall reach to well over 100k viewers a month.

•Purchase an advertising campaign for 6 months in advance and receive a 10% discount *
•Purchase an advertising campaign for 1 year in advance and receive a 15% discount *

* Basic Text Link, SeedBank Special, and 100×100 Banner Campaigns are Excluded
 ** Providing banners and/or any graphics for advertising campaigns, will be the sole responsibility of the Advertiser.
** Quotes on custom advertising campaigns are valid for 7 days. After that time, all quotes will become void, and a new quote will need to be discussed.
** We reserve the right to refuse adverting at our discretion, at any time.
** We do NOT allow advertising campaigns for sites relating to porn, multi-level marketing, and/or prescription drugs.
** We do not issue refunds. Issues will be handled on a per campaign basis, and resolution may contain a campaign exchange in lieu of refund.

Both the Medical and Recreational Marijuana Industries in the United States are booming, and with some form of legalization on the books in over half the country, the legal marijuana market is set to grow exponentially in the next couple of years. WeedTrader.com and our parent company, The THC Group, LLC., are here to help you get the traffic and exposure that your business or service is looking for in the Cannabis Industry and Counter Culture Lifestyle.

If you would like more information about a custom advertising campaign for your site, business, or product, please contact us.

For more information regarding advertising through our other THC Group Network properties, including WeedWatch.com , THCMedia.com , CannabisDrs.com , MariSave.com , and more, head on over to The THC Group for more details and to get your Ads up and running today.

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