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What is a Water Pipe?

Bert Cannavelli Blog, Recommended Reading November 29, 2016

water pipes

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When it comes to smoking beginners, water pipes are said to be the best starting points. They are easy to use, safe and widely available. However, what is it exactly and how does it work? To help you understand it better, here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know.

A water pipe, also known as a bong, is basically a smoking device, which is typically used for cannabis. Some people often confuse it with a hookah pipe due to certain similarities, but one tell-tale difference is that a water pipe comes with a slide or a carb, you can view examples and familiarize yourself with bongs at www.herbtools.co.uk/bongs.html – They also have shisha pipes for sale over at herbtools!.

Water pipes tend to vary greatly when it comes to the overall design. There are plenty of creative varieties available that put a playful spin on their shape, the colors used, the materials it’s made out of and even the sizes. Most smokers will personalize theirs by adding customizations, such as stickers or painting them with their favorite colors.

How to Use a Water Pipe?

Smoking using a water pipe is quite different from using a hand pipe or simply smoking a joint. The most significant difference will be the fact that water pipes actually cool the smoke before it goes into your lungs. It also provides a much fuller smoke inhale as opposed to the smaller and more frequent inhalations you need to do when smoking a joint or using a pipe.

At first glance, a bong may seem daunting especially if you have picked a particularly intricate design. However, most of them work in the same way.

– Begin by filling the base with water. There will be markers for this so just follow that. Tap water is fine, though some people will use other liquids such as soda or herbal teas. It all depends on personal preference. Water is the recommended medium, however, since it absorbs much less of the THC. Bongs can also provide clean hits so using beverages such as coke will affect the taste of the smoke. Keep that in mind.

– Pack the weed into the bowl and light it up.

– Using the mouth piece, inhale some of the smoke. This will be overwhelming for most first timers as, typically, all the smoke contained in the pipe needs to be inhaled as it would go stale otherwise. Dry hits are also common for beginners. As with most things, it will take some getting used to.

– If the user feels satisfied enough with the smoke he has inhaled, it’s time to clear the smoke. This is referred to as pulling the slide and is done to introduce clean air.

Aside from being easy to use, especially for first timers, smoking using bongs can also provide some level of filtration. This is great for your overall lung health as that removes many of the bad substances in the smoke.

Black Truffle “Bliss”

Bert Cannavelli Blog, Recommended Reading October 7, 2016

black truffles

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Anyone who has tried black truffles know how it makes a user feel. Many say its scent is strong, blissful, and sexy. It is indeed a delicacy, given the fact that one kilo of the product costs between $1300 and $4700.

Its effects are not limited to humans either – it has a similar effect on animals, believe it or not. Pigs and dogs are both known for searching the mushrooms out.

Why are they so good?

Italian researchers have unveiled part of the reason for the bliss found in black truffles: they have a molecule that resembles the THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in cannabis, or marijuana. The molecule is called anandamide, and, like THC, it has the psychoactive qualities that lead to euphoria and other positive feelings that give black truffles their “bliss.” This is the same molecule that is responsible for causing the release of melanin in humans.

Anandamide increases the user’s mood, appetite, and eases issues such as depression. It also is the reason for the black truffles’ color. It is thought that the plant has evolved to have this color and chemical make-up specifically for animals to seek them out because, once eaten, the spores of the fungus get spread out. Because that’s in its best interest, the plant evolved to attract the interest of animals.

Past and future research

We know why we love Black Truffles, but could there be even more to learn? For researchers, the answer is a definite yes. The next step in truffles research is to discover whether white truffles, burgundy truffles, and Bianchetto truffles also share the same chemical makeup as the black truffles.

Another German study on Black Truffles discovered that the distinct smell and taste of a truffle is actually a result of the soil it grows in. The bacteria from the soil gets stuck in the truffle during their growth, and this causes the unique smell. The smell also comes from the sulphur that is produced by the soil bacteria. The existence of this bacteria also means the shelf life of the truffles is greatly shortened.

The study hopes to be able to predict the truffle’s shelf life based on the presence of this bacteria. If successful, this knowledge could make it easier for more people to enjoy the delicacy.

Brought to you by the editorial team of Trufflemagic. The place to go to to get educated about magic truffles and a place where you can buy truffles online.

Six Tips To Maximize Your Indoor LED Marijuana Grow Lights

Weed Trader Staff Blog, Recommended Reading April 23, 2016

Lowering the temperature in marijuana grow room

As the marijuana industry grows, indoor grow lighting setups are also improving. Currently, the main changes we see are a huge shift from growers preferring LED grow lights over HPS lights because, thanks to today’s superior technology, they can improve your marijuana plants’ yield. They can also increase the overall quality and efficiency of your entire operation.

If you would like to start planning your setup, we have compiled a list of the six best ways to maximize your LED grow lights:

1. Changes in temperature

If you have recently switched from an HID l ighting setup to an LED setup, then there will be a sudden shift in the temperature of the area where you grow marijuana. Many growers depend on the heat that comes from HID lights, which is why moving to LEDs can cause this surprising drop in temperature. LEDs save energy and don’t release heat in the same way. Therefore, keep an eye on the temperature, and adjust it as necessary when you change the lighting.

2. Adjust your watering habits

When you switch to an LED light setup, there is a good chance you will need to change some of your practices as well. One of these habits is your watering. Because HID lights generate heat and even dry out the soil and plants more because of their infrared light, if you watered your plants in the exact same way with an LED setup then you would likely be overwatering them. LED lights simply don’t have the same effect on your plants as HIDs so you will need to make sure to pay special attention to your watering habits.

3. Use more than one LED unit

The most efficient lighting setups with LED lights have more than one LED unit. This lets the beams overlap, and the entire space be evenly covered. Don’t be tempted by the “divide and conquer” mentality, which would have you cluster your plants under one LED light each, as that is not as efficient.

4. Pay attention to the mounting height

Don’t short change yourself during the initial setup process of your new LED lighting system. If you rush and don’t take the time to perfectly mount your lights, then you won’t have the best results later. Generally speaking, your LED lights should be installed to spread their light evenly and deeply. It shouldn’t just hit the surface of the canopy of your plants, it should also penetrate deep into the branches and foliage. This can be achieved by lowering the LED lights. If they are too high, they will reach more plants, but it will be at a lower intensity. If too low, they could cause stress to your plants. Use trial and error as well as the manufacturer’s instructions, to figure out the best height for mounting your LEDs.

5. Time it right

To truly maximize your LED lighting setup, you should have a proper understanding of marijuana and life cycles. You can change the amount of light periods and dark periods according to the “season” you want your plants to be experiencing. Don’t forget to use blackout curtains to help with the necessary periods of uninterrupted darkness. These, along with your lights, can be set to an automated system to ensure the lights are consistent and calculated.

Generally speaking, growers opt to have 18 hours of light, and 6 hours of dark during the vegetation stage. And 12 hours of light, and 12 hours of dark to begin the flowering phase. When in doubt, use these light cycles for best results.

6. Use the full spectrum

Not only can you manipulate the time your plants are exposed to the LED lights, but you can also manipulate what they are exposed to as well. In other words, you can change around the different spectrums (far-red, red, white, and blue) to hit your plants during strategic points in their life cycles. If you study deeply enough, you can learn how to shorten the flowering period, and do other useful things by changing certain habits of your plants.

*Article promoted by Robert Bergman, founder of ilovegrowingmarijuana.com. Robert has been growing cannabis passionately for over 20 years and shares this insight to educate growers avoid mistakes and to fully capitalize on a bud’s potential. 

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    As the marijuana industry grows, indoor grow lighting setups are also improving. Currently, the main changes we see are a huge shift from growers preferring LED grow lights over HPS lights because, thanks to today’s superior technology, they can improve your marijuana plants’ yield. They can also increase the overall quality and efficiency of your […]

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