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Classified Ads must be in Compliance with All Rules & Regulations of their State!

Classified Advertisement Guidelines

Classified Advertisement Guidelines

All Classified Advertisements must must follow all the guidelines below in order to be approved and live on the website.

  • Free Classified Ad Listings are limited to ONE (1) Ad per user with ONE (1) Edit per Classified Ad cycle!
  • All Classified Ad Listings must fully comply with each individual State’s Approved Cannabis Rules & Regulations!
  • Mail Order Marijuana Services, Online Retail Marijuana Services, or Shipping of any type is strictly Prohibited in ALL Classified Ad Listings!
  • Synthetic Marijuana Blends & Alternatives, Bath Salts, Synthetic Research Chemicals and ALL Prescription Medications are prohibited from listings!
  • Any Ad Listing that appears in currently known SPAM formats, or contain certain common SPAM keywords, will be permanently removed and user will be banned immediately.
  • Abuse or Misuse of the Classified Ad system will result in immediate removal of all affected Ads and any associated user accounts!
  • Your Classified Ad Submission confirms your agreement and acceptance of WeedTrader.com’s rules & service agreement!
  • ANY Classified Ad, Free or Paid, that is in violation of any of these terms will be removed immediately and any fees associated with said Ads will be forfeited.
  • Paid Classified Advertisements and Upgrade Features are only available by using Bitcoin through the WeedTrader.com automated payment system!
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for approval of Paid Classified Ad Listings, and approximately 5-7 days for approval of Free Classified Ad Listings!
  • You agree to hold WeedTrader.com and associates not responsible for any action as a result of Classified Ad Listings on the WeedTrader.com website!
  • All sales are final and no refunds will be given on any classified advertisement service purchased through the WeedTrader.com website.


Classified guidelines are subject to change at any time without any prior notifications.

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